The SADE SP440  is a versatile and effective checkweigher for use in pharmaceutical production, quality control and R&D departments for the 100% weight sorting of batches of tablets, capsules and softgels. Each item is individually weighed and sorted into accept and reject categories.

Production and Manufacturing - Quality Control 

100% weight sorting for complete quality assurance.

Batch Recovery - save valuable product from weight rejected batches.

Research and Development - Clinical Trials

100% weight sorting of large scale clinical trials batches when weight uniformity is essential.

The SADE SP440 is also ideal for weight checking over-encapsulation.

What our customers say

"SADE equipment is used by our Clinical Services Division. They recommended CI Precision. We now have a SP100, a SP140 and a SP440 sorter in Pharma Services" Stephen Gallagher Process Development Manager with Almac Pharma Services  

"We would recommend the SADE SP sorters to other companies because they are easy to handle, clean and set up.  In addition, the software is user friendly." Formulation Development Manager with Actelion

We rented the SADE sorter for three weeks and saved product worth in the order of EUR100,000 - so the sorter paid for itself many times over. The statistical software was vital for QP batch release purposes. We were so impressed with its capabilities that we have now purchased our own SADE weight sorter." Pat Quirke, with STADA Production 

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